6 Celebrities Using Their Platform To End The Stigma


When it comes to mental health many celebrities tend to shy away from sharing their struggle. Some tend to find it can define and constrict them from reaching success. While others, use their story to connect with fans and use their platform to #endthestigma.

We don't often know what's going on behind the scenes or behind a photo. But, these six fearless females have chosen to share their story with mental health with us and have used their platform to push the conversation surrounding mental health.


1. Emma Stone

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Emma Stone has been outspoken about her struggles with anxiety. Appearing on 'The Late Show' she told Stephen Colbert she spoke to a therapist often as a child to cope with her anxiety. Sharing a drawing she created as a child it read, "I am bigger than my anxiety."

"I was a very, very, very anxious child and I had a lot of panic attacks," she said. She also opened up about her "immobilizing" anxiety attack in a 2012 interview with Vogue.

For Stone, she shares how acting has helped her break out of her shell. Today, she is outspoken about how her anxiety affects her on a day-to-day basis and as a celebrity.


2. Kristen Bell


Kristen Bell has been transparent about her battle with depression and anxiety. Shattering the stigma surrounding mental health for appearing as Hollywood's go-happy persona. Her words have made headlines and she often discusses how mental health can take many forms.

When I was 18, my mom sat down and said, "If there ever comes a time when you feel a dark cloud is following you, you can get help. You can talk to me, talk to a therapist, talk to a doctor. I want you to know that there are options." I'm so thankful for openness on this silent subject because that time did come, Bell shares with the Time.

Bell has used her platform to help others struggling with mental health. Sharing best practices to cope with anxiety.


3. Selena Gomez


In August 2016, Selena made a public statement, writing about her how her Lupus diagnosis has affected her mental health. She shared she was experiencing anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

"I know I am not alone by sharing this. I hope others will be encouraged to address their own issues," she wrote.

Since then, Selena has been transparent of when she needs to focus on her mental health. Taking time for herself when it comes to producing music and going on tours. She has shared often how even being on the road can impact her mental wellbeing. She has taken to social media to share her favourite routines to improve her mental health.

She also shares her experience with anxiety on her recent hit with Julia Michael, Anxiety.


4. Lady Gaga


"You are brave, you are courageous," the mantra Lady Gaga uses on a regular basis to improve her mindset.

Lady Gaga has been transparent about her struggles with mental health. Sharing the abuse she's endured in her life, she revealed she has been living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

"I struggle with my mental illness every day," she shared on the Today show. Establishing Born This Way Foundation she stands against sexual abuse and to help youth struggling with mental illnesses.


5. Demi Lovato


Passionate about tearing down the stigma surrounding mental health she started Be Vocal: Speak Up For Mental Health. This campaign urges people to talk about their mental illness to normalize it.

She's suffered from her mental illness for years, without having the words to describe it. "When you don't know what's happening, why you're feeling certain ways, and you don't have the answers yet, people tend to self medicate, which is exactly what I did," Demi told Women's Health Magazine.

Now she works to help others find their truth and to speak up about their mental health.


6. Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence has been open and honest about how anxiety affects her. For her, her anxiety spikes around flying.

"I'm not afraid of the aeroplane, I'm afraid of me, on the aeroplane and losing control of myself," she shares with Women's health.

Through her bubbly and outgoing ways, Jennifer is able to share her experiences with anxiety while making light of it.

So, while every struggle with mental health differs we can all relate to the pain it can bring.

Sharing your experiences can help others understand your mental illness and how they can help.

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Noor Aubaid