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Do you have anxiety? 

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Get the support you need to conquer your Panic Attacks with online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)—without the expense and inconvenience of traditional therapies.




What is Tranquility Online?


Get one-on-one support from your very own trained coach

After signing up for Tranquility Online, you’ll have the opportunity to be assigned your very own coach who will help you get the most out of our Cognitive Behavioural Therapy program by helping you customize your journey so that it is aligned with your goals.

Tranquility Online’s coaches are empathetic listeners who are trained specifically to help you stay motivated to help you achieve your goals. Tranquility coaches are available by webcam, phone, email or in-app messaging.

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Backed by science

Tranquility Online uses the gold standard therapeutic approach for helping people with their anxiety induced panic attacks: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Through insight and practice, CBT teaches life-long skills that have helped millions of people worldwide better manage their anxiety.


Get a plan that fits your lifestyle

Tranquility is designed with today's busy lifestyle in mind. With our program, you will be able to:

  • Learn to manage your anxiety, and

  • Track your progress

The best part? You can follow our program on your own time — when and where it's convenient for you.


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“Internet-based CBT has been shown in research to be as effective as in-person CBT for many people with anxiety and related concerns. With Tranquility, people also get the option to have a trained coach to support them along the way. Having this additional guidance has been demonstrated to help people with adherence to internet-based treatment and leads to less chance of dropping out.”

Dr. Alissa Pencer
Scientific Advisor


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