At Tranquility Online, our mission is to help those who are living with anxiety get access to adequate help in a way that is: Affordable, Timely, Stigma-free, Personal and Accessible.


We are a team of passionate individuals, based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our team brings expertise in business, psychology and technology, and together we're bringing the gold-standard approach to helping those with anxiety to the masses. 


Executive Team




Joel is trained as a chartered financial analyst and after graduating with a degree in finance from Saint Mary's University in Halifax, N.S., worked for 6 years as a stock analyst for a local investment company, but was always really interested in the startup community.

Joel's first diagnosis with Generalized Anxiety & Depression happened in his last year of high school and he has been a mental health advocate ever since. Joel joined the Laing House Foundation Board of Trustees in 2014 to lend his investment expertise, but soon realized he was far more interested in how Laing House helps people living with mental illness and therefore joined the Laing House Association Board to be more involved with the day-to-day activities. He also volunteers to help coordinate Laing House's Music Group. To learn more visit (

In 2016 he posted a blog post on Facebook (click here) about his struggle with mental illness and it was the response he received that inspired him to create Tranquility Online so that hundreds of thousands of people can have access to help similar to the help he received.On his off time, Joel enjoys being creative by playing and writing music as well as creating short films. In fact, you can watch his journey of how he built Tranquility Online on his YouTube Channel, "The Tranquility VLOG".




Rebecca Tucker did her BA Honours in Psychology at Dalhousie University and she is currently completing her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Dalhousie as well. As a part of her training, Rebecca has taken multiple intervention-focused courses, with one solely devoted to learning Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). In addition, she has co-facilitated several CBT groups for Anxiety with both children and young adults, as well as doing individual therapy (CBT and some emotion-focused work) with children and youth who have anxiety and other mental health difficulties.

Rebecca’s interest in finding alternative ways to deliver mental health treatment was born from both professional and personal experiences with the mental health system. She grew up in a rural area where she, as well as people around her, had difficulty accessing the mental health care they needed and has, since then, had a passion to try to fill in those gaps. As a clinician-in-training, she has also seen the need for alternative forms of care that can break down barriers to care, reaching more people where they are at. Rebecca is excited to be able to work on something she is so passionate about as a part of the Tranquility Online team!

Outside of Tranquility Online and school, Rebecca spends most of her free time with her young son, relaxing with good friends (or a good book, which is kind of the same thing!), and exploring the province - especially the many beautiful beaches it has to offer!


Advisory Board




Dr. Alissa Pencer did her B.Sc. Honours in Psychology at St. Francis Xavier University and went on to do her M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Calgary. Dr. Pencer is currently a Registered Psychologist and an Instructor in the Departments of Psychology & Neuroscience, and Psychiatry at Dalhousie University.

She teaches a graduate course in clinical psychology focused on how to do Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for anxiety. For this course, she developed a CBT group to help university students overcome problems with anxiety and supervises graduate students in running the group. Dr. Pencer also does some private practice work where she specializes in doing CBT for anxiety with youth and young adults. Previously, Dr. Pencer worked at the IWK Health Centre for over 10 years where she helped start-up and demonstrate the effectiveness of CBT for anxiety groups with children and adolescents, and was team leader of the anxiety disorders team for several years.




Michael started his career in the military and soon maintained a Level III (Top Secret) Security Clearance. With this security clearance, he decided to learn software development and was recruited to join the Department of National Defense to develop a new world-class Global Positional Warehouse system that was responsible for the collection, storage, aggregation, structuring, and presentation of all vessel data globally. After leaving the military, Michael joined, where he lead the technical team from initial idea through to execution.